Intersection Project: Not What Supervisor Was Expecting

Oskaloosa, Iowa – For one Mahaska County Supervisor, the repaving and revamping of the intersection of G5 and T33 wasn’t what he was expecting.

Supervisor, Mike Vander Molen, protested the proposed design of the intersection. Vander Molen said the design had changed from what was first proposed, and that he hadn’t seen the current design before being asked to vote on the project.

Mahaska County Engineer, Dave Shanahan, explained that in order for the original redesign to take place, over 20 feet of dirt would need to be removed from a hillside. The cost to do so would be prohibitive.

“This is the first I’ve heard we’re not doing that”, said Vander Molen.

Shanahan said that in order to alter the intersection, “we would need to relocate the road all around, probably going around the hill to the west. It’s the only place we could get sight distance”.

The redesign will have the southbound traffic on T33 be inhibited, while those entering the intersection going north on T33 will need to stop. Those travelling west on G5 already have to stop at the intersection, and no change would take place with that traffic.

“What’s designed there is awful if you ask me”, said Vander Molen to Shanahan.

Shanahan said he had a safety team at the projected area, and the serious accidents haven’t taken place at the intersection itself, but instead have taken place west on T33 at the curve near the intersection.

Vander Molen expressed his displeasure with the proposal, saying this wasn’t the plan for the intersection that he had seen previously. “It’s the first I’ve ever heard of doing it this way”.

“I don’t know whose authority that was taken out on”, said Vander Molen of the project. “There’s no way I’m approving this design”.

Shanahan said that it wasn’t possible to remove all the dirt needed with the current budget allocated to the project.

“Maybe we should have had these discussions before you bring it here for agreement here to be signed”, said Vander Molen to Shanahan.

“That would be my mistake. Sorry. I apologize”, said Shanahan.

After further discussion, the measure was approved on a split vote, with Supervisors, Willie Van Weelden and Mark Doland voting in favor of the project. Vander Molen voted against the project.

In other business, the board also approved:

  • A quote from Modern Floor Covering for new flooring in the GIS/IT Department.
  • A quote from Kelderman’s for new handrail to replace the current handrail.
  • Appointed Chuck Webb to the Compensation Commission.
  • Approved the revolving loan application for Knoxville Manufacturing.

Story provided by Osky News


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