Hot weather can cause deer to be on the move

By Ellis Codjoe (Radio Iowa)

The director of the Wapello County Conservation Board says you may see more deer on and along the roadways in warm weather.

Rick Tebbs says deer are like humans and stay in the shade to keep cool during the day, and then go on the move to look for food as the sun sets. “It’s cooler now. I’ve been hungry,” Tebbs explains. “I haven’t eaten all day and so now I’m going to try to cross roads where I can get to new soybean fields that are planted or grassy areas, or the ditch along the highway [that] just got mowed so the new grass that is trying to replace it is nice and green and tender.”

Tebbs says the deer we are most likely to see while driving around this time of the year are very young. “Those six-week-old fawns are really naive to cars. So they think nothing about running right in front of you. I mean, they don’t have a concept of speed and different things,” Tebbs says.

Tebbs suggests drivers should go easy on the gas pedal while traveling at night. “I would slow down,” Tebbs cautions. That’s always the best method. Slow down and try to take your time and hopefully, you can have your brights on so that they’re (deer) more visible but when you got oncoming traffic, you gotta turn your brights off so you can’t see as far.”

Experts say you should not swerve if you see a deer in the roadway, as you may lose control of your car and put yourself in danger.


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