Homecoming Dresses Get Second Date

Oskaloosa, Iowa – Looking good at formal dances can be a costly affair for young ladies and their parents.

according to Brei Holmes, one dress drive is looking to help make those special evenings more affordable.

Holmes and her group  are hosting a homecoming dress resale. The group had also done a prom dress resale in the past as a fundraiser.  This year is much like a trial run to see if there is a need .

The dress owners consign their dresses to the project as a way to earn some extra money. The dress owner receives 90{99cd714f394079a7f0ed2eb1518dd31342ff3ceb5b6c267c3ad8acd5b5a7d66b} of what the dress sells for, while the remaining 10{99cd714f394079a7f0ed2eb1518dd31342ff3ceb5b6c267c3ad8acd5b5a7d66b} goes to the school. The dresses vary in price, many as low as $20.

The money may go to the Pekin School, but the dresses are from many places, including Cedar Rapids to Ankeny.

The dress resale project will run on Sunday during regular mall hours at Penn Central Mall.

Story provided by Osky News


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