Highway 92 Construction Continues

OSKALOOSA — Drivers who have traveled Highway 92 in the last month or so have almost certainly encountered the substantial road renovations that have been underway.

It is a quite a bit more extensive than the typical filling of potholes or redoing of a shoulder. For an overview, they are repaving the entire stretch of road from Zephyr Avenue out toward Sigourney, to the old Hwy 92.

The concrete east of Oskaloosa, near Lake Keomah, has been prepared, and that stretch of road is passable for now, but the asphalt resurfacing, or blacktop, has actually not begun yet. It is due to begin as soon as the stretch west of town, on the Beacon side, is finished.

On Wednesday, Jim Webb with the Iowa DOT said, “Resurfacing west of town should probably be done within the week.” He says driving conditions should improve after that. He went on to say “I was just on that project earlier today so I know it’s getting close to done. After that we’ll still be re-shouldering, bringing rock in to get even with the pavement. After that we might be milling in some rumble strips, but I would say within a couple weeks we’ll be moving on to east of town to start resurfacing there.”

In other words: the horrendous traffic halt under 163 should be over within a couple weeks.

In the meantime, an official detour is not set up west of town, but going through Beacon and turning right after the Beacon Cemetery could get you past most of the traffic, if you don’t mind taking gravel.

Construction east of town is set to go on a while longer. It is not known exactly when the road will be fully finished, but the DOT gives an estimated
completion date of Sept. 15 for IA 92. It might not last that long, or they may at least stop needing the pilot cars by then, but mid-September is when they say the entire project should be finished.

DOT says there will be an official detour for East 92, so there should be the usual detour signs. If you need more information, you can visit iowadot.gov or call 511 to use its automated service.

Story provided by Luke Vanderpol


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