Hickenlooper campaigns

Former Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper brought his Presidential campaign to the area Thursday (7/25). The Democrat toured Indian Hills Community College in Ottumwa and then held a meet and greet at the Sigourney Café.  Hickenlooper is one of the underdogs among the 20-some Democratic hopefuls, but says he’s the best man for the job of President.

“I think it’s still wide open.  I think most people are just beginning to pay attention.  Colorado got near universal health care, We passed universal background checks for gun safety.  We attacked climate change with methane regulations.  We’re the one state where we’ve been able to get people together.  I feel I’m the one person who has actually done what everyone else is just talking about.”

Hickenlooper also spoke about the need to stop climate change and said President Trump has made America less safe.


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