Groenendyk re-elected Mahaska County Board Chairman

Mark Groenendyk has been re-elected Chairman of the Mahaska County Board for a third year.  That action was taken at Monday’s (1/4) Mahaska County Board meeting.  Groenendyk says the Board’s priorities for 2021 include resolving issues with 28E agreements with the regional airport authority and the County’s emergency management.

“We’re working on the east side connectors (Highway 63 to Highway 23); that needs to keep moving forward. We’re going to have some health insurance concerns again to work through.  People spoke during the election (that) they want a lot of this stuff cleaned up.  I know a lot of people came to me and said they’re concerned about their taxes.  A lot of the normal stuff.  They want the County government to run properly, honestly, transparent(ly).”

Steve Wanders was elected Vice Chair of the County Board.  Also at Monday’s meeting, the County Board tabled a decision on awarding a contract to build four radio towers for the County’s communications system.  The Board will take up the matter at its January 18 meeting.


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