Edmundson Park playground fundraiser

There’s going to be a fundraiser in Oskaloosa Friday (10/1) for new playground equipment at Edmundson Park.  Cassie Veldhuizen of the Oskaloosa Lions is on the committee that’s raising money for the playground. She says the fundraiser will be unique.

“We have, I believe, it’s nine different personalities throughout Oskaloosa that are going to be locked in the rocket at Edmundson Playground.  The goal is for them is to be able to get out of being locked in the rocket is to raise $500 each.  So that way they can get out.  Or we’ve had people offer to pay money to keep them in, too.  We are looking at replacing the Edmundson playground.  It would be with new equipment all around.  And it will also be all-inclusive, so kiddos that are in wheelchairs would have access to be able to use all the equipment as well.”

Among those who have volunteered to be locked up for the fundraiser are William Penn Activities Director Nik Rule and Oskaloosa Police Chief Ben Boeke.  The fundraiser at Edmundson Park runs from 8am until 5pm Friday.


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