Department of Revenue, Alcoholic Beverages Division websites to change

By Dar Danielson (Radio Iowa)

Some changes are coming to the Iowa Alcoholic Beverages Division (ABD) and Department of Revenue websites as part of the state reorganizations.

Department of Revenue director, Mary Mosiman says the change brings both together. “As of July 9th, the Department of Revenue and the Alcoholic Beverage Division websites will unite under the website,” she says. Mosiman says this has been happening with all state government agencies. “It’s called the Digital Transformation Project. It’s an effort to make sure that all Iowans are effectively getting to where they need to be and that we’re all under a unified standardized website so all the services are right where they need them to be for doing business in Iowa,” shy says.

The Iowa Lottery is now also under the Department of Revenue, but she says their website won’t be changing. “Largely because of the branding and the unique use that the Lottery website has of their vendors and of their lottery players,” Mosiman says. Once the changeover is complete, you can find all the information you need from ABD or the Department of Revenue at the one site.

“One visit to an entity that has a tax and an alcohol issue versus two separate visits. So we know we’re being more effective with our personnel in that regard. We’re hopeful that the people, the external stakeholders, our taxpayers, and our users of the alcohol licenses, that they to find it to be more effective for them,” Mosiman says.

Mosiman says the transition to bring the Iowa Lottery and the ABD under the Department of Revenue has gone smoothly.


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