Coronavirus update

The number of people testing positive for coronavirus is skyrocketing.  8425 new positive tests were reported Monday (11/9) in Iowa for a pandemic total of 156,816.  93 new positive tests have been reported in Marion County, with 89 new positives in Jasper County, 66 in Wapello County, 60 in Mahaska County, 50 in Poweshiek County, 34 in Keokuk County and 14 in Monroe County.

A Mahaska County resident has died from coronavirus.  That is one of 16 new deaths reported Monday for a pandemic total of 1845.

And 1034 Iowans are hospitalized with COVID-19 as of Monday.  The most recent data we have for the No Coast Network is from Saturday (11/7), with 18 people hospitalized in Jasper County, 14 in both Wapello and Marion Counties, eight in Mahaska County, six in Keokuk County, four in Monroe County and three in Poweshiek County.


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