City Council Meeting Swift, Jovial

OSKALOOSA — The Oskaloosa City Council held its monthly meeting Monday to discuss community issues.
What was a bit unusual was that there wasn’t really much on the docket. It was also a bit unusual in that they held it at the library meeting room because the courthouse elevator was broken, which added to the peculiar vibe. There was a definitive note of pleasant brevity in the air, and most of the council members seemed to be enjoying what must have been a nice break from seriousness.
The only item on the regular agenda was an update from the Mahaska Community Recreation Foundation. Executive Director Sherry Vavra said the foundation had received a grant to put in some new walkways at Babe Ruth Field, that they had done some road renovation and had several upcoming events scheduled for this fall.
The next item was the consent agenda. “These items are pretty much routine in nature,” said Mayor David Krutzfeldt, “Item E is a resolution scheduling a public hearing for September 6th to consider levying a special assessment against private property for weed cutting by the city. That’s in accordance with section 8-20 of the city code.” The last and only serious item on the consent agenda was an addendum to the city code, which granted the mayor the permission to temporarily close public streets during special events, which was voted on and passed unanimously.

All seemed to be in good spirits as the meeting came to its swift end. Krutzfeldt seemed to be holding back a laugh as he said, “This being said, we have a motion to adjourn. All in favor?” The walls echoed with the word “aye,” and members promptly shifted to another gear, laughing and chatting among themselves as they filtered out toward the elevator.

At-large council member Scottie Moore was jovial and all smiles on her way out and said of Monday’s meeting, “I actually knew this one would be short.”

Explaining that she had a family member waiting at home she added, “I told her to just keep watching TV because this one shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes.”

Story provided by Luke Vanderpol


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