Chemical plant coming to Eddyville

Ground was broken in Eddyville Tuesday (5/10) on a chemical plant that is a collaboration between Cargill and German-based chemical company HELM.   The new company’s name is Qore (core) and it will produce a chemical called Qira (KEER-uh).  Kaye DeLange, one of Qore’s board of directors, says Qira isn’t a new chemical.

“But it uses an innovative process starting from corn sugar. So instead of making butanediol from fossil fuels and pulling coal from the ground, this is made from carbon dioxide pulled from the air.”

Qore says Qira will be a chemical that cuts up to 93 percent of greenhouse gas emissions.  The chemical is used to manufacture things like spandex, soles for sports shoes and insulation.  Governor Kim Reynolds, who attended the groundbreaking, says Eddyville is the perfect spot for Qore’s plant.

“We have the corn stock, we have the innovation, we have the workforce, we have the manufacturing–it’s the largest sector of our GDP.  It makes so much sense that they’ve chosen this small little state in the heartland of America and this small town that’s doing big things.”

Governor Reynolds also visited businesses in Centerville, Agency and Fairfield on Tuesday.


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