Buttigieg speaks in Oskaloosa

It was the largest gathering to see a Presidential candidate in Oskaloosa so far this campaign season. Over a hundred people came to hear South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg make his case for the Democratic Presidential nomination.  Among Buttigieg’s talking points was raising the minimum wage.

“I believe in fairness as a basic American value.  Which is why there ought to be fair wages for everybody and $15 an hour ought to be the beginning, not the end of the conversation.”

During Thursday’s (8/15) speech, Buttigieg also said he’s worried that Democrats would make a mistake in choosing a 2020 candidate to challenge President Donald Trump.

“And the mistake would be to try to hard to play it safe.  See, the problem with playing it safe is…we need to inspire people, too.  And we can’t look like our message is to just turn back the clock and go back to normal.  We are where we are because normal didn’t work.  In our part of the country, normal has failed us for far too long and there’s no going back to normal.”

Buttigieg also spoke Thursday in Fairfield and Ottumwa.


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