Bounty Denied as Anderson Wins Again on Supreme Lawn & Landscape Night

Oskaloosa, Iowa (June 7th, 2017) – Lately the question at the Southern Iowa Speedway has been can anybody beat Shannon Anderson in the Hobby Stocks. Edel Lawn Care, Cindy Drost and Independent Auto, each put up a $100 making it a $300 bounty to beat Anderson. A total of 63 cars signed in to tame the monster half mile on Supreme Lawn and Landscape Night at the races.

Feature winners on the night was Daniel Fellows (Sport Compacts), Nathan Wood (Stock Cars), Ethan Braaksma (Sport Mods), Cayden Carter (Modifieds) and Shannon Anderson (Hobby Stocks).

First feature of the night was the 10 lap Kelli Steli State Farm IMCA Sport Compacts feature. Nine cars had signed in to race but four experienced issues early in the night meaning only five cars made the call. Daniel Fellows, missed last week after winning the first three nights, grabbed the top spot early and never looked back going on to take his fourth win at Osky ahead of Belleview, Nebraska’s Denny Berghahn Jr. Levi Heath finished third, last week’s winner Brandon Housley was fourth and Brad Havel was fifth.

Budweiser IMCA Stock Cars 18 lap feature was next to roll on to the speedway and it was a pair of former Hobby Stock drivers Danny Thrasher and Dustin Griffiths leading the field to the green. Griffiths took the lead on lap one on the outside but Thrasher did not go away meanwhile Nathan Wood, Derrick Agee, Todd Reitzler and Mike Hughes are battling right behind your leaders. Griffiths saw Agee and Thrasher make it a three car battle for the lead coming to the line to complete lap two. Agee had his night come to an end shortly after as he found himself against the wall in turn one. Griffiths held on to the top spot until Nathan Wood worked his way up to take the top spot on lap six, Griffiths took it back on lap seven. Wood was not determined to take the top spot back from Griffiths and he did exactly that on lap eight. Wood becomes the first repeat winner in the Stock Cars at Southern Iowa Speedway. Mike Hughes finished in the number two spot ahead of Griffiths. Todd Reitzler gets another top five finish coming home in fourth and Greg Gill was fifth.

Before a single lap scored in the Oskaloosa True Value IMCA Sport Mods 16 lap feature, the caution came out when Jason McDaniel spun in turn four after contact from Curtis VanDerWal sending both cars to the tail. Ethan Braaksma, youngster from Newton, started on the pole and he took advantage by grabbing the top spot and not looking back. Braaksma goes on to take the win become the third different winner. Brett Lowry, making his first appearance of the season, moved up eight spots to finish second. Curtis VanDerWal worked his back up to finish third. Carter VanDenBerg and Logan Anderson finish fourth and fifth.

The Musco Lighting IMCA Modifieds 16 lap feature saw a pair of Keswick drivers, Andrew Schroeder and points leader Colt Mather leading the field to the green flag. Mather jumped out to the lead but Cayden Carter, who missed the heat race forcing him to start at the tail, was working his way through the field. Carter caught Mather and began battling for the lead on lap three, Carter slipped on by shortly after and went on take his third win in a row in the Modifieds. Mather, Derrick Stewart, Andrew Schroeder and Josh Starr rounded out the top five.

Final feature of the night was the KBOE Radio / Mahaska Bottling IMCA Hobby Stocks 15 lap feature. Steve Allen and Bradley Graham led the field but it was Jamie Songer that grabbed the top spot. Songer and Aaron Martin strated battling for the top spot on lap three but on lap four, Martin took the lead away. Martin looked comfortable out front but Shannon Anderson was clawing his way through the field from his tenth place starting spot. Martin saw Anderson sneak on the inside after he left the door open in turn three on lap ten. Anderson cruised on to remain perfect, five for five in Osky. Martin held on for second ahead of Songer, Nathan Ballard and Mike Kincaid.

Next Wednesday Night is Kraig Ford Night at the races with all five IMCA divisions, IMCA Modifieds, IMCA Stock Cars, IMCA SportMods, IMCA Hobby Stocks and IMCA Sport Compacts. Hot Laps at 7pm and Racing at 7:30pm.

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Southern Iowa Speedway
Supreme Lawn and Landscape Night
June 7th, 2017

Musco Lighting IMCA Modifieds

Feature – 1. 10C Cayden Carter, Oskaloosa: 2. 8 Colt Mather, Keswick; 3. 43 Derrick Stewart, Ainsworth; 4. 02 Andrew Schroeder, Keswick; 5. 8s Josh Starr, Tipton; 6. 21 Jeremy Chambers, Parsons, Kan.; 7. 7SR Shawn Ritter, Keystone; DNS/8. 66 Gordon Head, Des Moines; DNS/9. 40 Scott Dickey, Packwood.

Heat – 1. Stewart; 2. Mather; 3. Schroeder; 4. Chambers; 5. Starr; 6. Head; 7. Ritter; DNS/8. Dickey; DNS/9. Carter.

Budweiser IMCA Stock Cars

Feature – 1. 52 Nathan Wood, Sigourney; 2. 11 Mike Hughes, Oskaloosa; 3. 10G Dustin Griffiths, Hedrick; 4. 22R Todd Reitzler, Grinnell; 5. 28 Greg Gill, Muscatine; 6. 84 Danny Thrasher, Agency; 7. 19 Donnie Pearson, Oskaloosa; 8. 14 Derrick Agee, Huntsville, Mo.; DNS/9. 54 Mike Brown, New Sharon.

Heat – 1. Thrasher; 2. Hughes; 3. Agee; 4. Wood; 5. Griffiths; 6. Reitzler; 7. Pearson; 8. Gill; 9. Brown.

Oskaloosa True Value IMCA Sport Mods

– 1. 11 Ethan Braaksma, Newton; 2. 72 Brett Lowry, Montezuma; 3. 1V Curtis VanDerWal, Oskaloosa; 4. 7V Carter VanDenBerg, Oskaloosa; 5. 9A Logan Anderson, Eddyville; 6. A5 Austin Paul, Monroe; 7. 85 Jason McDaniel, Eldon; 8. 10H Jack Housley, Runnells; 9. 07 Blaine Webster, Ottumwa; 10. 29 Colton Livezey, New Sharon; 11. 34Z Cory Van Zante, Sully; 12. 95J Jason Hall, Grinnell; 13. 8T Tony Johnson, Oskaloosa; 14. 55R Steven Berry, Ottumwa; 15. 01 Brayton Carter, Oskaloosa; DNS/16. 84B Trent Brink, Bussey.

Heat 1 – 1. Braaksma; 2. VanDerWal; 3. Anderson; 4. McDaniel; 5. Paul; 6. Johnson; 7. Berry; 8. Brink.

Heat 2 – 1. Livezey; 2. Van Zante; 3. VanDenBerg; 4. Lowry; 5. Housley; 6. Webster; 7. Hall; 8. Carter.

KBOE Radio / Mahaska Bottling IMCA Hobby Stocks

Feature –
1. 78 Shannon Anderson, Des Moines; 2. 73 Aaron Martin, Richland; 3. 96R Jamie Songer, Ankeny; 4. 29 Nathan Ballard, Marengo; 5. 12 Mike Kincaid, Cincinnati; 6. 19 Bill Bonnett, Knoxville; 7. 3S Steve Allen, Oskaloosa; 8. 21 Nick Ulin, Agency; 9. 4 Bradley Graham, Brooklyn; 10. 6 Chanse Hollatz, Clear Lake; 11. 21ZC Cody Cleghorn, Des Moines; 12. 81B Thomas Stevens, Guersney; 13. 71S Dave Seddon, Knoxville; 14. 7K Kelsie Spilman, Hedrick; 15. 3K Garrett Alexander, Russell; 16. 14 Christian Huffman, New Sharon; 17. 65 Saif Grafke, Oskaloosa; 18. 9 Jared Stephens, Bussey; DNS/19. 13M Riley Meinders, Oskaloosa; DNS/20. 55 Brad Stephens, Bussey.

Heat 1 – 1. Ballard; 2. Huffman; 3. Bonnett; 4. Meinders; 5. Grafke; 6. Stevens; 7. Alexander.

Heat 2 – 1. Graham; 2. Kincaid; 3. Hollatz; 4. Jared Stephens; 5. Ulin; 6. Seddon; 7. Spilman.

Heat 3 – 1. Anderson; 2. Allen; 3. Martin; 4. Songer; 5. Cleghorn; 6. Brad Stephens.

Kelli Steil State Farm IMCA Sport Compacts

Feature –
1. 11F Daniel Fellows, Keokuk; 2. 6JR Denny Berghahn Jr., Belleview, Neb.; 3. 9H Levi Heath, Wilton; 4. 42 Brandon Housley, Ottumwa; 5. 11H Brad Havel, Iowa City; DNS/6. 01C Bryan Claussen, Eddyville; DNS/7. 1* Renny McCarty, Farmington; DND/8. 41 Nathan Moody, Oskaloosa; DNS/9. 5 Tyler Harring, Oskaloosa.

Heat – 1. Fellows; 2. Berghahn; 3. Housley; 4. Havel; 5. Claussen; 6. McCarty; 7. Moody; 8. Harring; 9. Heath.

Story provided by Jeremy Fox


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