Attorney General Brenna Bird Sues Over Misleading Door-to-Door Stem Cell Therapy Treatments

DES MOINES — Iowa Attorney General Brenna Bird today sued Biologics Health, LLC, Summit Partners Group, LLC, Rylee Meek, and Scott Thomas for allegedly engaging in fraudulent door-to-door stem cell therapy treatments. The lawsuit challenges the defendants’ false advertisement of stem cell therapies and misleading claims regarding the effectiveness of their services.

The suit alleges that over 250 Iowans were sold fake stem cell therapies totaling more than $1 million dollars. The average Iowan paid approximately $9,000 for the service. Those named in the lawsuit allegedly targeted older Iowans by selling unproven and invasive therapies that exposed them to greater potential physical and other health-related harm. Some of the misleading claims include that stem cells would “seek out” problems throughout the human body, could repair and regenerate damaged tissues, and were completely safe except for possible minor flu-like symptoms.

“Taking advantage of Iowans suffering from health issues is illegal and dangerous,” said Attorney General Bird. “Iowans should not have to fear being ripped off for fake stem cell therapies that expose them to major health risks, such as life-threatening blood infections, blindness, and tumor formation. Our office will not stop fighting until those who prey on Iowans in need of medical treatment are held accountable.”

The lawsuit challenges the defendants’ violations of the Consumer Fraud Act and regulations involving door-to-door sale transactions. The suit also seeks to reimburse all Iowans who paid for the therapies, a court order permanently blocking the fraudulent activity in Iowa, and award civil penalties, attorney fees, and costs.

Read the full lawsuit here.


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