Addition To Be Expected at Lacey Complex Later This Year

Wednesday marked the quarterly board meeting for the Mahaska Community Recreation Foundation. The board welcome guests from Mahaska County Farm Bureau to announce exciting news.

MCRF board member, Carl Drost, introduced a partnership between Farm Bureau and the MCRF for an installation of a picnic area east of the football stadium for community use. At the start, MCRF received a grant from Mahaska County Community Foundation for $10,400 to initialize the project. Upon receiving the grant, Drost visited with Farm Bureau who enjoyed the project and wanted to get involved.

The project grew when the Mahaska County Farm Bureau added $20,000 to make a long-lasting shelter for the picnic area.  “This is an exciting project and good for the rec groups and  good use of the facilities,” stated Drost. He brought plans and pictures to share with the board as well as a sample of the durable roof material to be used. “This is a good project for the community and we [Farm Bureau] want to be involved in  the community,” stated Steve Wanders, President of Farm Bureau.

Don Vos, a Farm Bureau Board Member, weighed in on the decision for the shelter and picnic area. Noting that his grandchildren, who use the complex, sees it as a good opportunity for kids that utilize the complex as a location to rest between games.

The ground for the picnic area was previously graded when Drost hosted a volunteer  “Dozer Day”  and will make a good spot for teams to eat lunch and warm up for their upcoming games. MCRF President John Pothoven thanked the Farm Bureau on behalf of MCRF stating how tremendous it was for the Farm Bureau to give to this project in cooperation between rural and urban for the community to use.

Joe Crookham, MCRF Treasurer, added, “That’s the way we build a community, thank you to those who make it happen.”  The completed picnic area is planned to be installed yet this year.


The picnic tables and shelter will reside just east of the football field, across the street. As of Friday, July 28, the land has been flattened, marked and staked in preparation of the construction.






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