New Sharon Community Blood Drive

New Sharon will host a community blood drive from 1:30 to 6:30 PM on Wednesday, December 27 at 106 W. High St., inside the City Park Building. All presenting donors will be entered into a drawing for 2 movie tickets, popcorn, and drinks! Also, all presenting donors will receive a voucher for choice of gift card or long-sleeve shirt.


Appointments: To donate, please contact Carol & Duane Renaud at (641)660-0069 or visit www.bloodcenterimpact.org and use code 5059 to locate the drive.


Barnes City
Councilmember (4 yr.) Total/Percentages
Gene Davis – 19/20.43{99cd714f394079a7f0ed2eb1518dd31342ff3ceb5b6c267c3ad8acd5b5a7d66b}
Jeffrey Innis – 31/33.33{99cd714f394079a7f0ed2eb1518dd31342ff3ceb5b6c267c3ad8acd5b5a7d66b}
Write-in 43/46.24{99cd714f394079a7f0ed2eb1518dd31342ff3ceb5b6c267c3ad8acd5b5a7d66b}
Total – 93

Three total elected.


Mayor (2 yr.) Total/Percentages 
Write-in – 19/100{99cd714f394079a7f0ed2eb1518dd31342ff3ceb5b6c267c3ad8acd5b5a7d66b}
Total – 19

Councilmember (2 yr.) Total/Percentages
Ron Kauffman – 25/19.69{99cd714f394079a7f0ed2eb1518dd31342ff3ceb5b6c267c3ad8acd5b5a7d66b}
Darrell Rust – 15/11.81{99cd714f394079a7f0ed2eb1518dd31342ff3ceb5b6c267c3ad8acd5b5a7d66b}
Cecil Smith – 22/17.32{99cd714f394079a7f0ed2eb1518dd31342ff3ceb5b6c267c3ad8acd5b5a7d66b}
Dwight Teeter – 24/18.90{99cd714f394079a7f0ed2eb1518dd31342ff3ceb5b6c267c3ad8acd5b5a7d66b}
Richard Thomas – 22/17.32{99cd714f394079a7f0ed2eb1518dd31342ff3ceb5b6c267c3ad8acd5b5a7d66b}
Write-in – 19/14.96{99cd714f394079a7f0ed2eb1518dd31342ff3ceb5b6c267c3ad8acd5b5a7d66b}
Total – 127

Five total elected.

Councilmember (4 yr.) Total/Percentages
Yvonne Evans – 33/25.19{99cd714f394079a7f0ed2eb1518dd31342ff3ceb5b6c267c3ad8acd5b5a7d66b}
J.J. Howrey – 36/27.48{99cd714f394079a7f0ed2eb1518dd31342ff3ceb5b6c267c3ad8acd5b5a7d66b}
Kenneth Long – 36/27.48{99cd714f394079a7f0ed2eb1518dd31342ff3ceb5b6c267c3ad8acd5b5a7d66b}
Brenda Swearingen – 22/16.79{99cd714f394079a7f0ed2eb1518dd31342ff3ceb5b6c267c3ad8acd5b5a7d66b}
Write-in – 4/3.05{99cd714f394079a7f0ed2eb1518dd31342ff3ceb5b6c267c3ad8acd5b5a7d66b}
Total – 131

Three total elected.

Keomah Village
Mayor (2 yr.) Total/Percentages 
Clark Johnson – 23/100{99cd714f394079a7f0ed2eb1518dd31342ff3ceb5b6c267c3ad8acd5b5a7d66b}
Total 23

Councilmember (4 yr.) Total/Percentages 
Larry Boyer – 23/33.33{99cd714f394079a7f0ed2eb1518dd31342ff3ceb5b6c267c3ad8acd5b5a7d66b}
Craig Coen – 24/34.78{99cd714f394079a7f0ed2eb1518dd31342ff3ceb5b6c267c3ad8acd5b5a7d66b}
Kay Swafford – 22/31.88{99cd714f394079a7f0ed2eb1518dd31342ff3ceb5b6c267c3ad8acd5b5a7d66b}
Total – 69

Three total elected.


Mayor (2 yr.) Total/Percentages
Keith Beintema – 17/85.00{99cd714f394079a7f0ed2eb1518dd31342ff3ceb5b6c267c3ad8acd5b5a7d66b}
Write-in – 3/15.00{99cd714f394079a7f0ed2eb1518dd31342ff3ceb5b6c267c3ad8acd5b5a7d66b}
Total – 20

Councilmember (2 yr.) Total/Percentages 
Charles Bogaard – 18/18.37{99cd714f394079a7f0ed2eb1518dd31342ff3ceb5b6c267c3ad8acd5b5a7d66b}
Daniel Gleason – 18/18.37{99cd714f394079a7f0ed2eb1518dd31342ff3ceb5b6c267c3ad8acd5b5a7d66b}
Steve Nieuwsma – 18 /18.37{99cd714f394079a7f0ed2eb1518dd31342ff3ceb5b6c267c3ad8acd5b5a7d66b}
Kim Sytsma – 18/18.37{99cd714f394079a7f0ed2eb1518dd31342ff3ceb5b6c267c3ad8acd5b5a7d66b}
Henry Van Roekel – 19/19.39{99cd714f394079a7f0ed2eb1518dd31342ff3ceb5b6c267c3ad8acd5b5a7d66b}
Write-in – 7/7.14{99cd714f394079a7f0ed2eb1518dd31342ff3ceb5b6c267c3ad8acd5b5a7d66b}
Total – 98

Five total elected.

New Sharon
Councilmember (4 yr.) Total/Percentages
Thomas German 122 27.17{99cd714f394079a7f0ed2eb1518dd31342ff3ceb5b6c267c3ad8acd5b5a7d66b}
Keri Lamberson 133 29.62{99cd714f394079a7f0ed2eb1518dd31342ff3ceb5b6c267c3ad8acd5b5a7d66b}
Jeffrey Long 111 24.72{99cd714f394079a7f0ed2eb1518dd31342ff3ceb5b6c267c3ad8acd5b5a7d66b}
Kenneth Ward 78 17.37{99cd714f394079a7f0ed2eb1518dd31342ff3ceb5b6c267c3ad8acd5b5a7d66b}
Write-in 5 1.11{99cd714f394079a7f0ed2eb1518dd31342ff3ceb5b6c267c3ad8acd5b5a7d66b}
Total 449

Three total elected.

Public Measure A (Rural Water) Total/Percentages
Yes – 142/85.54{99cd714f394079a7f0ed2eb1518dd31342ff3ceb5b6c267c3ad8acd5b5a7d66b}
No – 24/14.46{99cd714f394079a7f0ed2eb1518dd31342ff3ceb5b6c267c3ad8acd5b5a7d66b}
Total 166

Public Measure B (Library) Total/Percentages
Yes – 92/55.76{99cd714f394079a7f0ed2eb1518dd31342ff3ceb5b6c267c3ad8acd5b5a7d66b}
No – 73/44.24{99cd714f394079a7f0ed2eb1518dd31342ff3ceb5b6c267c3ad8acd5b5a7d66b}
Total 165

Mayor (2 yr.) Total/Percentages
David Krutzfeldt – 576/56.3{99cd714f394079a7f0ed2eb1518dd31342ff3ceb5b6c267c3ad8acd5b5a7d66b} 
Jeff Lorentzen – 445/43.5{99cd714f394079a7f0ed2eb1518dd31342ff3ceb5b6c267c3ad8acd5b5a7d66b}
Write-in – 2/0.2{99cd714f394079a7f0ed2eb1518dd31342ff3ceb5b6c267c3ad8acd5b5a7d66b}
Total 1023

1st Ward Councilmember (4 yr.) Total/Percentages
Diane Ottosson – 141/100{99cd714f394079a7f0ed2eb1518dd31342ff3ceb5b6c267c3ad8acd5b5a7d66b}
Total – 141

One total elected.

3rd Ward Councilmember (4 yr.) Total/Percentages
Doug Yates – 238/97.54{99cd714f394079a7f0ed2eb1518dd31342ff3ceb5b6c267c3ad8acd5b5a7d66b}
Write-in – 6/2.46{99cd714f394079a7f0ed2eb1518dd31342ff3ceb5b6c267c3ad8acd5b5a7d66b}
Total – 244

One total elected.

At-Large Councilmember (4 yr.)  Total/Percentages
Charlie Comfort – 422/21.72{99cd714f394079a7f0ed2eb1518dd31342ff3ceb5b6c267c3ad8acd5b5a7d66b}
Scottie Moore – 659/33.92{99cd714f394079a7f0ed2eb1518dd31342ff3ceb5b6c267c3ad8acd5b5a7d66b}
Wyatt Russell – 294/15.13{99cd714f394079a7f0ed2eb1518dd31342ff3ceb5b6c267c3ad8acd5b5a7d66b}
Tom Walling – 561/28.87{99cd714f394079a7f0ed2eb1518dd31342ff3ceb5b6c267c3ad8acd5b5a7d66b}
Write-in – 6/0.36{99cd714f394079a7f0ed2eb1518dd31342ff3ceb5b6c267c3ad8acd5b5a7d66b}
Total – 1942

Two total elected.

Rose Hill
Mayor (2 yr.) Total/Percentages 
Kyle Morgan – 27/87.10{99cd714f394079a7f0ed2eb1518dd31342ff3ceb5b6c267c3ad8acd5b5a7d66b}
Write-in – 4/12.90{99cd714f394079a7f0ed2eb1518dd31342ff3ceb5b6c267c3ad8acd5b5a7d66b}
Total – 31

Councilmember (2 yr.) Total/Percentages 
Jake Dannels – 30/22.56{99cd714f394079a7f0ed2eb1518dd31342ff3ceb5b6c267c3ad8acd5b5a7d66b}
Carli Hahn – 2/1.50{99cd714f394079a7f0ed2eb1518dd31342ff3ceb5b6c267c3ad8acd5b5a7d66b}
Terry Lowe – 24/18.05{99cd714f394079a7f0ed2eb1518dd31342ff3ceb5b6c267c3ad8acd5b5a7d66b}
Janet Martin – 21/15.79{99cd714f394079a7f0ed2eb1518dd31342ff3ceb5b6c267c3ad8acd5b5a7d66b}
Channa McMillian – 15/11.28{99cd714f394079a7f0ed2eb1518dd31342ff3ceb5b6c267c3ad8acd5b5a7d66b}
Aaron Molyneux – 25/18.80{99cd714f394079a7f0ed2eb1518dd31342ff3ceb5b6c267c3ad8acd5b5a7d66b}
Write-in – 16/12.03{99cd714f394079a7f0ed2eb1518dd31342ff3ceb5b6c267c3ad8acd5b5a7d66b}
Total – 133

Five total elected.

University Park
Mayor (2 yr.) Total/Percentages 
George Toubekis-73/100{99cd714f394079a7f0ed2eb1518dd31342ff3ceb5b6c267c3ad8acd5b5a7d66b}
Total 73

Councilmember (4 yr.) Total/Percentages
David Brown – 59/30.41{99cd714f394079a7f0ed2eb1518dd31342ff3ceb5b6c267c3ad8acd5b5a7d66b}
Sarah Kargol – 50/25.77{99cd714f394079a7f0ed2eb1518dd31342ff3ceb5b6c267c3ad8acd5b5a7d66b}
Stephen Kelly – 48/24.74{99cd714f394079a7f0ed2eb1518dd31342ff3ceb5b6c267c3ad8acd5b5a7d66b}
Colleen Platt – 37/19.07{99cd714f394079a7f0ed2eb1518dd31342ff3ceb5b6c267c3ad8acd5b5a7d66b}
Total 194

Three total elected.

Councilmember Unexpired Term Total/Percentages
Harry Graham – 71/100.00{99cd714f394079a7f0ed2eb1518dd31342ff3ceb5b6c267c3ad8acd5b5a7d66b}
Total – 71

One total elected.

Current Highway Traffic Situation Causes Headaches, Changes Could Be on Horizon

The Iowa Department of Transportation in coordination with the Federal Highway Administration recently conducted an in-depth assessment of a portion of land north-northwest of Oskaloosa. The plan: building a bypass that converges north and south traffic on Highway 63 to Highway 163.

The idea of building such bypass has been on the thoughts of many for years now. The study began in July of 2013, recently the Environmental Assessment was released.

There is hard-hitting evidence that this could greatly improve traffic, accident rates and safety in and around Oskaloosa. The crash rate on Highway 63 above the statewide average, by almost 20-percent. From 2007-2011, the rural crash rates on Highway 63 were also higher than statewide averages.

Between 2010 and 2014 there were 171 crashes on Highway 63 within the Oskaloosa corporate limits, a stretch of road that is only 3.1 miles.

The Environmental Assessment addresses the need to improve traffic operations stating that “currently, all through traffic on U.S. 63 in the study area must travel through the city of Oskaloosa through its busiest intersection at U.S. 63 and IA 92 located along the west side of the City Square Park in downtown.” Many semi, freight and grain truck traffic operates on these routes coming from Eddyville, Bussey or Ottumwa area to travel north to New Sharon, Pella or traffic determined for Interstate 80.

By creating this bypass, semi and constant highway traffic will be kept out of the city of Oskaloosa. Freeing up one of the busiest intersections from turning or merging freight truck traffic in the city. The proposed bypass would begin on the intersection of Highway 163 and 235th Street, it would then meet Highway 63 roughly at 210th Street (East).

Mapped plans from the DOT Environmental Assessment document.

Within this assessment the DOT took research notes about the intended area and landscape. Making sure to log the various areas that were considered wetlands, woodlands, flood lands, prime farming land, the location of streams or rivers, and what the department determined as bad habitat. Listings of plant species located within the study area is also readily available.

A question some may have with this proposed bypass would be the widely talked about Regional Airport location. The assessment covered that as well. An Environmental Assessment was completed for the proposed airport for the Federal Aviation Administration in October 2016. The location of the proposed airport would lie just west of the proposed interchange of the U.S. 63 Oskaloosa Bypass and IA 163.


The Iowa DOT is soliciting comments on the document during the comment period which ends December 4, 2017.  To be considered in the decision document, please email or postmark your comments by that date and send them to:

Tamara Nicholson

Iowa DOT – Office of Location and Environment

800 Lincoln Way

Ames, IA  50010



Information derived from the Environmental Assessment from the Iowa DOT.

The full document is available online: Oskaloosa Environmental Assessment

Construction Slated to Begin on Old Highway 102

Beginning at 7:30 AM next Monday October 2nd, Mahaska County will be doing pavement repair, widening and overlaying Old Hwy 102/G-5T.

The project will begin north of the South Skunk bridge, south of 155th street and proceed north and easterly to a point approximately 1320 east if the intersection of County Roads T-33 and Old Hwy 102 or G-5T.

The second section of the project will begin at the intersection of T-22 and G-5T and proceed north to the south City Limits of Peoria.

The project is scheduled to be completed in 30 working days which is the 13th of November weather permitting.  The project is intended to keep one lane open for traffic through the use of flaggers and pilot cars. The possibility of complete closure time will be kept to a minimum.

We ask those that commute on this road to allow for extra time to deal with the one-lane traffic or the detour route is down Hwy 63 from New Sharon to Hwy 92 in Oskaloosa then west to Hwy 163 and back to Pella.

The lane widths during this work will make it unsuitable for wide loads, so using the detour is advised. Mahaska County asks for your patience as we complete this project so as to try to get project completed earlier.

If you have any questions you can call me at my office at 641-672-2897.



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